Fees & Joining

As a new member you are entitled to the first two sessions free of charge. A membership form must be filled out at the end of the first session or the beginning of the second session. At the third session a joining fee and BG membership must be paid. This membership fee is £26.50 for the first child and £21 for subsequent children. This amount includes compulsory membership to the BGA, which is renewable annually in October and at present is £17.  You can use this link to the Membership Form that should be completed and returned by the next month along with the fees due. Recreational fees are £16.00/month (£20.00 for a 5 Saturday month) must be paid in advance. Payment can be made from the last Saturday of the previous month and should be paid by the 2nd Saturday (on which the club operates) of the due month at the latest.

Members are entitled to 2 weeks non-payment for holidays each year (April to March) and notification of dates should be given to the club in advance.

To help us keep the club running as smoothly as possible we would like to request that all members commit to attending sessions for a term, and if they wish to leave, they should do so in April, July or December whenever possible and give at least 2 weeks notice of their intention to do so.

All members MUST register at the Swifts desk at the start of every session. This is extremely important for both insurance reasons and in the unlikely event of a fire. Gymnasts MUST arrive to start on time. Should they be late and it is after 10 past the hour they are training then they will not be allowed to start as they will have missed the warm up and we do not have spare coaches to warm up your child.

Finally, please make sure that all jewellery is removed including earrings. Under British Gymnastics Health and Safety rules ears cannot be covered by tape and our coaches are not allowed to remove them and will mean your child cannot attend the session. All long hair must be tied back before coming into the gym. We must also request that all shoes, coats etc are placed in the lockers and not left in the gym as this causes a hazard and fire exits can become blocked.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters and we hope that you enjoy being a member of the Swifts Gymnastics Club.