Acro (Acrobatic) Gymnastics is all about team work to make the most spectacular display or aerial jumps, balancing and throws.

Most often performed to music, Acro is usually performed in pairs or small groups, learning to balance and work as a team to show off stunning skills which are learnt through a lot of practice.

At SGC we nurture those from as young as four to be able to somersault, twist, turn and work together. Anyone can start acro and its especially rewarding for those of an exhibitionist nature and loves to perform for others.



Packed with twists, flicks and somersaults, Tumbling is the art of thundering down a runway and launching in to linked short burst of acrobatic skill.

For anyone that loves cartwheels and somersaults or working alone, Tumbling is the discipline for you. Initially we teach the basics on a sprung runway before advancing on to flips and twists to show a dazzling array of technique and defying gravity.

We enter tournaments specifically for Tumbling and it’s something we’re passionate about.



Along with teaching to regional and national levels, we also offer recreational gymnastics to the hobbyist and those who want to keep fit and nimble. Recreational gymnastics incorporates a mixture of acro, tumbling, vault, beam, etc.  A lot of children start as recreational and progress once they’ve found their footing, along with their balance and flexibility.

Gymnastics is for everyone at every level and we try to encourage everyone to give it a go.